Friday, March 20, 2015

New Lids

So we are always trying to improve what we are doing and most of which is behind the scenes with jigs and material to speed up the process. The latest mission is to take a material typically used for outdoor signs and make a lid out of it!
 So the material is Polyethylene sandwiched between two thin layers of aluminum. It's lightweight and strong and comes in so many different colors that it will blow your mind....even wood grain (depending on availability from manf of course).
  Right now we have a bending jig made that makes a killer clean bend. Our challenge is to find the right sealer and the cut of the corners to make it as clean as possible but we are close!

Some of the colors are:

   If this performs like we think it will it may even be possible to etch on it which will essentially remove the paint and expose the Aluminum below...should be a cool look, if not we have a weatherproof Team Cordwood Decal that looks killer! Stay Tuned!

Ok so we finally had some samples etched and man are they gonna be cool! Here are a couple pics I just took of what we tried!

The final product!!! We are opting for the single pass laser etch, gives it a golden hue.

\Due to the cost f this product being volatile we have discontinued the use of it. While this may be a temporary issue the bottom line is keeping costs down. As it is labor intensive we have chosen to go a different route and pass the savings on to you.

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