Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hydro Dipped Lids...coming soon to a body of water near you!!

So again we are trying to improve our product! Many of you have seen our blog post about a new lid design, if not you can check it out here. Well we stumbled across something in our own backyard. A buddy of mine I have known for years has been talking about hydro dipping for awhile now and he now has the stuff!
  Naturally my first thought is how can I use this for our tackle Well how bout Carbon Fiber Lids, Hydro-dipped carbon fiber that is. So we took a couple of pieces of our materials to him a couple of days ago and some interesting things have come to light! Not only does it stick to Polycarbonate, but it sticks well without much prep. Not only that but we are playing around with a different material as well just for the lids and it's first test dip was earlier today....and it was successful! so I am stoked. We will be doing some further testing but should have a prototype very soon if all goes well.
  So what does this mean to our customers? Well for those that want lids it means it will come standard as a carbon fiber looking lid, clear coat and all. Plus we will offer a ton of choices besides that print as well. While we still are working out costs and feasibilities I am confident that it is doable. Check out some of the patterns.....
Now there are about 250 in total that they currently have so the possibilities are vast!
Also we are going to play with maybe dipping the  bottom 4 inches or so of a box or PFS with like camo.....on the poly it is still translucent! Should be very cool so stay tuned!

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We are continuing to work with Deep See Customs and are getting some promising results. A lid is being made as we speak to go to them for what could be the final prototype. Keep your fingers crossed as this will you, our clients, more than 200 choices of patterns for your lid.....this is so cool!!

I still have not given up on this, I will have a dipped lid to show soon. Deep See Customs have been working on alot of things and refining the process.