Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cordwood Update

Well, Team Cordwood has been pretty quiet for some time now. To answer a few questions, Yes we are still here. No we have not given up nor was that ever the issue. No we do not do Trade Shows. Trade shows are just too expensive and take a ton of work, just talk to anyone that does them. We would much rather spend that money on research and development.
   So why the absence? Well between health issues, Personal difficulties and honestly bad timing which is something we all have dealt with simply forced a hiatus. We are definitely getting back into the groove and are making improvements. Some of our Friends & clients have keep in touch and to those few we thank you. For everyone else never fear, things are getting back to normal. We will ramp up our Facebook posts and activity very soon.
   One thing I can tell you is we have a new Design feature coming out. It will be revealed soon and while purely an aesthetic change this small thing will help us deliver in a much more timely matter. There have been a few issues with us getting orders out and I can tell you no one here is happy about it, thus the change! So if you have an order that has not been fulfilled know we are working hard to finish, nothing else matters at this time to us other than getting orders fulfilled.

   So again thank you to everyone for hanging in there with us. You wont regret it!

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