Saturday, June 11, 2016

NEW store features

Ok so we launched a new online store a little bit ago. The new store has some cool features now. One of the important ones is that when filling out an account you can choose the "Account Type", this will allow you to choose your club or organization (if you have had one setup). If you do not have an arrangement with us simply have an officer contact us and we can work out a deal!

A couple of other new features now on our store is Gift Registry, so you can set this up easy and let people know what you REALLY want! Along with this is an "Email Friend" button on every product. See something we have that your bud may like? Click it and send him a link with an image!

We also have a mailing list (which currently only I am subscribed to....let's change that! The only time emails are sent is maybe once a month and any significant change to the product or price!

Overall the new store is cleaner and easier to navigate, we hope you like it!

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