Monday, January 19, 2015

e-Commerce opportunity trough Team Cordwood

So here is the nuts and bolts of this. Team Cordwood already has a pretty cool website and our online store. What we are proposing is an extremely upfront opportunity for up and coming Bait Makers. In truth we just want to help others and in the process drive more people to our store. So while we have a sort of contract that may seem a little intimidating to some it is really not. You send us products, we inturn put it up on our site and help promote it. When it sells we send you your money in one of various ways (Paypal®, Check, Google® Wallet) less 15% More info HERE.
  We feel that not only does it save an up and coming bait makers a whole bunch of time but is cost effective as well. To set up a decent website and then to find a cart and understand how it works is not cheap and is time consuming. We have done all of that and users of this opportunity do not have to know how to do anything except make the baits they already are making. Our site can accept all major credit cards, PayPal® and even money orders. The % we take out covers costs incurred by Team Cordwood from these processors and a small amount for the time and effort it takes to post the baits and promote them. Tell everybody about this one!!!

So here are some of the baits thus far who have utilized our ecommerce opportunity!
The last of the Musky Snax made...Ever! See all the available colors for both baits HERE

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  1. Hopefully this takes's a really cool opportunity for someone to get thier baits out there if they don't have a site or even if they do it's just one more place the baits can be found! Ever notice you can find a BullDawg just about everywhere....theres a reason for that!