Monday, January 26, 2015

Shop Maintenance Part Deux!

Ok so I mentioned that we had other projects that were going to make our life easier. And they are almost done. So while assembling some boxes that are long overdue I completed one project and I am in the middle of the other. My Partner in crime Bill "Coach" Breeden has been down for the count with pneumonia so well wishes and prayers for his speedy recovery please!
 The 1st project which Coach had the biggest part in building I simply took his idea and finished the installation was a Suspended rack for our sheet goods. Quite the endeavor and honestly a little too big for a one man job but I did it anyway!

Now we have storage and a bit more room. In moving the sheet goods up it opened where they were stored so the plan was to create an accessory station where we could assemble small pieces. Not quite finished but I have a couple of PFS to finish so I will finish it shortly.
Both projects will help in the organization of the shop and hopefully increase productivity by keeping us from fumbling over all this stuff! Stay tuned as I will update the progress of this and other projects in the near future!

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