Thursday, February 12, 2015

The PFS on the Verge!!!

So we have been modifying the PFS [formerly known as the Cordwood Caddy]. The key in building any of these things we build is to get a system down for size and assembly...tinkering if you will. Well we are on the verge of what I believe to be one of the best additions to the fishing industry to date. "Bob, you say, There are already caddy's out there!". You would be correct, however there is a very short list of split designs on the market out there. While we feel that any addition of any caddy is essential to those that fish with a butt seat, ours has some great features we think everyone may like. We are tirelessly working on improving this system to make it useful to all fishermen of any species. From the dimensions to the accessories we have tried and failed, stumbled and fell flat on our face all the while improving this system along the way and we are so close to having it. The dimension are good the accessories stellar now it's just down to building a half dozen to get the process refined. We have already built 2 prototypes with great success which mean that YOU, are about ready to see something very cool...very soon!

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